Usage Notification – AT&T Subscribers

This letter was sent to me by the distributor where I purchase GotW3 routers.

RevGen plan changes- effective immediately  (Revgen is the company that owns GotW3)


You might have already seen the notice on the gotw3 website referencing data usage. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it’s affected data usage nationwide, networks have been strained, and providers have needed to enforce the Fair Use Policy ( This means that effective immediately the internet service carriers for RevGen have decided to remove Unlimited plans from their offerings. Going forward the plans are 300 GB plans that will throttle down at 250 GB.  What this means for you and your customers is that usage will be monitored more closely than before so that every customer has an opportunity to use the service. Only excessive or heavy users have been directly addressed. To give you an idea of what that means in terms of how many people are affected, it has been less than 400 accounts in the entire nation. This is less than 1% of all users. Getting excessing users off the network will allow the people that legitimately need the service to have the bandwidth (such as people who work from home). Carriers are reviewing and flagging lines that are in excess of 10 GB a day. If they require more than 10GB per day, we suggest they activate a 2nd SIM card, which would give them twice as much data.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Some of the biggest bandwidth guzzlers are online gaming and online video monitoring (downloading in games consumes more than playing)
  • Set clear expectations with your customers
  • All references to “Unlimited Data” will be removed from marketing, web sites, social media, etc. (being replaced with “At Home or On the Go”)
  • The gotW3 by RevGen Networks Fair Use policy improves the general user experience of all internet users. It controls and moderates the usage of international bandwidth by all customers. Therefore, it prevents the actions of internet hungry and heavy users from abusing normal users’ right to high-speed access to international content.
  • RevGen has over 25,500+ customers that use less than 10 GB a day
    • It’s only the excessive users that have been directly addressed- less than 1%, under 400 nationwide
    • Anyone who has heavy data needs has the option of setting up a 2nd account
    • Currently 50% of users are buying a 2nd SIM card