If your T-mobile service has stopped or slowed dramatically, read on. This may help.


I was told that T-mobile is not unlimited if the GotW3 router is set to work as LTE only.


If your router is set to LTE only, you are limited to 300 gb of data.


To go back to unlimited, you have to change the network setting to 3g/4g.


Follow these steps.

Connect the router to your computer via a ethernet cable.   There should have been one in the box your router came in.

Push the red button to turn on the router.

On your computer, in the address bar, type in and hit enter.

When the login screen comes up, enter the word admin and click login.


On the next screen that comes up, change the connect status to off.

Click on the Network Settings

On the Connection Settings page, on the left hand side, click on the Network Selection. 

On the right hand side you will see a drop down menu, change the setting from LTE only to 3g/4g and click apply.

Click the the arrows back until you get back to the home page. 

Do not turn connect status back on.

Use the power button, turn the router off for 5 seconds then back on.

You should now (hopefully) have your T-mobile internet back.

I am a GotW3 retailer in Calhoun, GA and I am the admin of this group.

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