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With the advent of the cell phone, there is no reason to sit in an office all day.

Call  me anytime and we can chat or schedule a time to meet at the office so you can pick up your router.

If you don’t live in Calhoun, I can ship the router to your home or business.

Address: 1112 Red Bud RD NE
Calhoun, GA 30701

P-hone: 706-383-9057

Business Hours: By Appointment

Hometown Entertainment shares a space with Electronic Solutions.  Hometown Entertainment is the office for purchasing the routher.

The office is right off of I-75. 

GPS will take you to the Food Lion Grocery.  If it does, come out of Food Lion, go under the interstate and the shopping center is on your right. 

Sorry this is not an interactive map but Google Maps now wants you to have an API key, a billing cc on file and is much too complicated to mess with today.