GotW3 sent out an email a couple weeks back for some users to reset the APN of the router.  The big question was who should and should not.
C4R400 routers with serial number starting with 81202007 should factory reset to
If you have lost service, hard reset the router and try again. If it does not work, log into the router and change the APN from  to broadband.  All little letters.
To hard reset take a paperclip or something small and place it in the hole on the back of the router and press and hold for a good minute.
(Turning the router off and then back on is called a power cycle)


Follow these steps.

Connect the router to your computer via a ethernet cable.   There should have been one in the box your router came in.

Push the red button to turn on the router.

On your computer, in the address bar, type in and hit enter.

When the login screen comes up, enter the word admin and click login.


On the next screen that comes up, change the connect status to off.

Click on the Network Settings

On the Connection Settings page, on the left hand side, click on the APN button.

On Mode, click the Manual button

You then have two options

  1. If APN if it is set at broadband, change to
  2. If the APN is set to, change to broadband.

Click the set as default button.

Click the the arrows back until you get back to the home page.

Do not turn connect status back on.

Use the power button, turn the router off for 5 seconds then back on.

You should now (hopefully) have your internet back.

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